Our Big Why 

We choose to work in health, medical device and other sophisticated industies because we love that they're driven by innovation and new technologies.  We feel compelled to be a part of the rapid growth that brings new advancements to the marketplace.  We believe in the power of committed relationships and embrace our role in the ongoing quest to improve and maintain the health of the world.

Our Space in the Industry

DIEMASTER is right at home building precision injection molds for micro to medium injection molding press sizes.  From intricate and complex to simple and straightforward, we are completely self-assured in our competencies and ability to deliver what your product’s demand.  That kind of pure confidence comes from years of experience and a track record of performance.

The Essence of Us

If you want to know about our culture and who we are as people, we’re more than happy to reveal it all.  You’ll find we that we’re guided by the vital and timeless principles of Quality, Teamwork, Transparency, Innovation, and Growth.  We invite you to get to know us and welcome you to see for yourself how DIEMASTER aligns with you.

Contact:  jeff@diemaster.net   |   330-467-4281   |   895 E. Highland Rd.   |   Macedonia, OH 44056 

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